Sunday, June 1, 2014

Cape of Good Hope

Today, we went to the Cape of Good Hope, and it was quite an adventure. We drove about two hours and then walked up this trail, which was quite steep. This hike reminded me of Cinque Terre, a hike in Italy that involves hiking along the mountain across five cities. At the top, some of us went a little further and got a little too close to the edge to capture "the perfect facebook profile picture.".  After the hike, we decided to another hike down the hill to the beach, and it was quite scary as the wind was quite strong and many times was able to push us over. Chanel lost her sunglasses while the rest of us just lost our balance many times. However, the view was definitely worth it. We saw many baboons, who, for the most part, seemed harmless and entertaining. However, at one point, we encountered an army of eight to ten baboons charge  in the same direction as Emma and Professor David.  It was truly frightening to see Professor and Emma run away as the baboons started going in their direction. Luckily, they were able to evade the baboons by using "logic and prayer." As it was very windy, the students could not hear each other but we made our way down the hill without a direct path. As the bushes along the path were filled with thorns, it was quite tricky. But the students kept going despite the wind, the despite the slippery terrain, despite the thorny bushes, and despite the army of baboons. I felt like I was in a movie for survival. However after what seemed like forever, we made it down the path and took a picture to commence the journey. It was a great ending to an epic trip symbolizing the student's persistence and the challenges that each of us may have faced during this journey.

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